How to Win Winter is back with five cranberry recipes to make everything from holiday drinks to decorations and more.

From cranberry infused vodka to cranberry napkin rings, these easy holiday hacks show how to make the most of your Christmas season.

First is cranberry infused vodka. How to Win Winter demonstrates how to puree cranberries, and add them to a mason jar filled with vodka. After steeping for two weeks, the vodka is strained and placed into a decorative bottle with an air tight cap. The cranberries tint the vodka bright red and give it an amazing flavor.

Next are cranberry ice cubes. The host places a few cranberries and a mint leaf in an ice cube tray and then covers with water. It is frozen for festive cranberry ice cubes. Equally easy is the next item, a cranberry ice wreath. How to Win Winter uses a Bundt pan, water and cranberries for this festive wreath that can go in any punchbowl.

The last two are just as easy. For sugared cranberries the demonstrator covers cranberries with simply syrup and then coats them in granulated sugar for a great holiday garnish. Lastly, the crafty host strings cranberries on thread to create a nice napkin ring.

Will you try these cranberry recipes today?