If you are an avid fan of The Food Network’s Chopped you have for sure encountered the name Alex Guarnaschelli before. As a matter of fact, even if you haven’t watched the show, Guarnaschelli is a fairly prominent name in the food and restaurant industry and it’s no doubt that any avid foodie with even some knowledge of the celebrity restaurateur scene has come across her, her cooking and her restaurants.

Executive chef of famed New York City restaurant Butter and The Darby before its closing, she also regularly appears on television in addition to having her own cookbook, Old School Comfort Food.

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the recipe of hers that you need to try this weekend. It’s a butternut squash pasta that is not only delicious, but filling, satisfying and totally in season. This is squash season and National Pasta Day is actually tomorrow on October 17th, so what more of a reason do you need to try it?

In addition, we recommend making a huge batch of this on Saturday or Sunday to last you through the week. Serve this up as a side for a weekday dinner with a salad and protein of choice, and you’ll have something that everyone can enjoy as a meal.

If you’re iffy on leftovers, not to fret. Guarnaschelli herself explains how this recipe is actually even better when it’s made ahead and eaten the day (or a couple of days) after! Heat it up or keep it cold, either way we’re super excited to try this out for ourselves.

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