Today is officially the first day of Fall and we can certainly feel the air getting crisper and our cravings for warm, more comforting foods getting stronger.

While Summers may be the time for raw fruits, veggies and lighter fare, Fall and Winter are better known for warmer, slightly (or a lot) more indulgent dishes. Whether you’re looking to keep it healthy with roasted veggies or delve into more indulgent foods like pastas and stews, there are plenty of ways to eat according to the season.

We have outlined some seasonal foods you should certainly give a shot here, but if there’s one food/fruit that’s classic this time of year, it would be apples. Not only are they fun to pick – especially in areas like New England when you’re surrounded by the Fall foliage – but they’re also delicious. Whether your favorites are Granny Smiths or McIntoshes, they are all so good to eat both fresh off the tree or twice baked in a pie and topped with a whole lot of whipped cream – or ice cream.

If you’re dreaming of getting seasonal and in the swing of thing or really just looking for something sweet to eat, the player above has many options to choose from.

You can expect apple pie egg rolls, dumplings, cakes and pudding. Heck, you can even find out what Ina Garten’s favorite apple dessert is. And, as you know, if the Barefoot Contessa gives it a star of approval, so will you.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to all be about pumpkin all the time – even if we are fans. Personally, that caramel apple sundae recipe is really piquing my interest, what about you?

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What are some of your favorite apple desserts?