It’s not even July and I’m already feeling the sweltering midsummer heat. It’s no joke. I’m in New York and yesterday it reached 90 degrees. I walked home from work thinking it would be a great idea (doesn’t a walk sound nice?) and ended up dripping in sweat with my hair out to here – and by here I mean as far out as you can imagine. Naturally, I was not pleased and was dead set on spending the rest of my evening marinating in front of my air conditioner without budging an inch.

Anyways, I know what I can expect from the rest of this New York summer and what’s that you may ask? For it to get exponentially worse.

However, I will say that it can’t possibly (I don’t think) get as bad as it has already been getting in Phoenix, Arizona.

It has come to my attention that it actually gets so hot there that many residents have actually been making the most of it by baking specialty food items on the dashboard of their cars.

Cookies, pizza. You name it and it’s been done and luckily, the 12 News team was there to document one of these ventures every step of the way.

A fresh batch of Arizona Summer Car Cookies (ready in just under five hours):

Posted by 12 News on Friday, June 19, 2015

Apparently the temperatures were in the 110s, but a typical average June temperature for the Phoenix area is a staggering 102.3 degrees. Of course, it wasn’t hot enough to bake cookies in under an hour, but they were perfectly baked in nearly under 5. That’s basically a whole day of errands!

Think about it. You can set out a nice pan of your favorite kind (we’re partial to a classic chocolate chip) at the beginning of the day and by the time you get back your cookies will be ready for you as if to say, “You deserve this sweet goodness after a long day of literal hell in this sweltering heat…”

It should be mentioned that while it was fun to see a dessert being baked “on the go”, it’s not so fun when it’s your pet or kid that you leave in the back of your car! Please make sure to “look before you lock” and make sure the safety of your loved ones is not in danger. Don’t leave living things in your car as their lives are literally in peril… but do feel free to bake cookies! I’m almost jealous.

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Would you bake cookies or pizza in the Arizona heat?