Gifts for kids

There are very few things in this world that are as satisfying and delightful as food. Whether you are eating, baking or cooking, food offers an experience that enthrals the senses. The sight, feel, aroma and flavour of your favourite foods can offer a plethora of experiences. They can comfort you, excite you, or fill you with wonder, and sometimes, they do it all. If you are looking for awesome ideas for gifts for kids who love food, you will be pleased to find that your choices are plentiful.

Food Gift Box

While receiving a gift always brings joy, receiving a gift box that contains several products heightens this pleasure. Gift boxes are both, a treat to present as well as receive. While they are enjoyed by people of all age groups, children in particular are dazzled by them. When shopping for a gift box for kids who love food, you can opt for snack boxes that will offer happiness in many different forms and flavours. There are many brands that offer a range of food gift box, curated especially for kids.

When shopping for a snack box, it is important to keep the child’s taste and preferences in mind. Some kids may prefer baked delights, and others may like a taste of something savoury and exotic. The secret to picking the perfect gifts for kids lies in spending some time considering their likes and dislikes, and their interests. If your teenaged niece or nephew is learning a foreign language, this should help you choose a food gift box they would appreciate.

Do take the time to select a food gift box that is both, delicious and nutritious too. Some food gift box businesses employ nutritionists to choose the products that go into their boxes. This means that a professional has chosen each product based on its nutrient as well as satiety value. This makes your gift more thoughtful and will be well appreciated. You can choose a snack food gift box that suits your budget. Most snack food gift box brands offer their boxes in several sizes.

The Gift of a Cooking Class

Rather than gifting a product, you may like to gift the kid an experience. Cooking is one of the most creative processes. There are innumerable skills that a child learns when they attend a cooking class. From making a list of ingredients to the actual cooking process, kids learn to pay attention to big as well as small details.

They learn to understand the value of managing their time well, and of modifications and adaptations that can be considered. There are many cooking websites that offer online as well as offline cooking and baking classes for kids. The advantage of an online class is that the child can attend the class from the comfort of their home. Do choose a class that is most likely to interest the child. It is a good idea to speak to them about their favourite cuisine and their favourite foods.


While many home cooks refer to the internet for recipes and for inspiration, there is nothing quite like having a physical cookbook to refer to. The child can spend time picking a recipe of their choice, and thereafter begin preparations to make the same. They are also likely to keep note of any changes they make to the recipe, so as to personalize it to their taste. You may also wish to present the kid with a journal in which they can keep track of their culinary journey.

Tools and More

Children who love food pay attention to the colours, texture, and of course, flavour of their food. To encourage them to explore their interest further, you could wish to gift them age-appropriate cooking tools. This may include a child sized baking set for the novice baker.

Mini vegetable and cookie cutters will help the young chefs cut fruits and vegetables into fun shapes. There are brands that offer child friendly kitchen tools that include knives, spoons, spatulas, vegetable peelers and more.

A personalised apron with the child’s name embroidered on it will also make a wonderful gift, as would a cooking and baking set. The kit usually includes an apron, a chef’s hat and oven mitt. Some baking companies offer baking kits that contain all the required ingredients to make a recipe. Popular box options include cookies, cinnamon buns and cake pops.

Harvest of Herbs

Kids who love food usually understand that the ingredients in a dish, and the skill and technique with which it is prepared are equally important. Gift a child the joy of growing herbs, such as rosemary, basil and dill, vegetables and edible flowers. There are many gardening kits for you to choose from. Some of these may only include seeds, while others may also have gardening tools.