The other night after a long day of work, writing and scrolling through endless amounts of recipes, something came to mind: Beef Bourguignon.

Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why, but it was absolutely the only thing I wanted for dinner. Nothing else would do.

Perhaps this was because of the sudden drop in temperature that my body instantly was craving a warm beef stew, but it was calling my name and I knew exactly where to find it.

The beef bourguignon at Buvette in NYC – a gorgeous French bistro in the West Village – luckily satisfied my craving and if you had had it, you would know just how satisfying it really is . So, if you’re ever in New York, I highly recommend. If not, there is this recipe by famed celebrityChef Anne Burrell that will take you from sad beginner to a pro.

With hearty chunks of beef, potato and veggies, there are also magical components like bacon and wine. 

While I can’t decide which is better – Anne Burrell or the stew – this video is a must-watch if you’re looking for some dinner time inspiration. Of course, I would make this and gobble it all up on my own, but this is a great recipe to make for a romantic evening or for adamant Francophiles. It’s a basic recipe that everyone should make at least once.

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Do you have a favorite Beef Bourguinon recipe?