It is truly and officially back to school season, and while I am more than happy that I have been out of school and immersed in the work force, there is nothing I wouldn’t give to go back to my elementary school days of worry-free extracurriculars and…. packed lunches!

Packed lunches were awesome because A) My mom was the coolest and always gave me the best snacks, and B) They didn’t cost me $20+ daily like they do now.

In any case, if you’re looking to send your kids off to an excellent day of classes, you just have to get a little creative. Yes, it’s important to keep your kid healthy, but you should also keep them happy. In come… bento boxes.

While typically popularized in Asian countries like Korea and Japan, bento boxes have come stateside and for good reason. They’re healthy and adorable but make this meal super fun.

I am almost a little jealous I never got this kind of packed lunch in my youth, but who says adults can’t enjoy them too?

You could probably take this to work and be the talk of your office. I mean, some may laugh but I would think their laughter would be stained with a tinge of jealousy.

So, what’s in a kawaii (Japanese for cute) teddy bear bento box? For the teddy bear, all you will need are panko bread crumbs, hush puppies, rice, cheese and nori paper. To fill the box, you can use any veggies like lettuce, corn, cucumbers, carrots and more, but if you want to add a side of fruit or your child’s (or yours!) favorite foods, feel free to do that as well. The key is getting creative!

Concerned it may be too difficult? All you need to do is watch the video to see just how easy it truly is to create these bento boxes. Keep in mind this is only one iteration of the classic Japanese lunch but a quick search can yield hundreds of more results – and cute characters.

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Will you try your hand at a bento box?