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There is really nothing that inspires foodies more than a trip abroad. Living in New York and most other cosmopolitan areas is great as you are exposed to much more than you would be in other parts of the country, but being stuck in the same can stifle any adventurous drive or energy.

Luckily, my itch for adventure is always scratched when I head to Paris. The food, the air, the ambiance. I don’t stand for buying into Parisian stereotypes like wearing berets, but I will be damned if I don’t take part in sipping an espresso with a morning croissant at an adorable local cafe.

However, the more time you spend in Paris, the more you start realizing that there is so much more than just croissants and espresso, there’s a whole world of food waiting to be explored and nibbled on.

Here are some of my best Parisian picks I think you should make sure to indulge in when you’re in town.

1. Pain Au Chocolat

best paris food 1

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When it comes to pain au chocolat, I really cannot discriminate. It’s pretty much impossible to make what is essentially a croissant filled with chocolate taste bad. Your best bet if to shy away from overflowing tourist areas or chain spots and check out the boulangeries on the side streets of town. My best method for scoping out the best places was to peek at which ones had the longest lines. You know it has to be good when even the locals don’t mind waiting in line for it!

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