In this Foodie Call video, Justin Warner talks to Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream what he is really a fan of. He goes on to explain how he likes their unusual soft serve ice cream flavors like coconut-curry, but then Justin tells Doug that he has a wacky idea for an ice cream that can be enjoyed even in the winter’s frigid temps.

In the kitchen, Justin gets ready to make “hot ice cream” that is over a 100 degrees! He reveals the secret to this- using a vegetable-derived chemical compound called methylcellulose. Getting started, Justin takes 500 grams of soft serve mix (milk, sugar, vanilla, emulsifier). He then heats up 15 grams of methylcellulose with some water until it becomes thick and slimy. He then blends the two to get air into this mixture.

Now Justin pulverizes a cold brownie in a food processor and freezes it- he’s making a brownie sundae, you see! Now for the most interesting part- Justin poaches the thick ice cream mixture using an ice cream scoop! Then this “steaming hot ice cream” is placed on top of the frozen brownie. Chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry are added. This sundae not only looks good, but tastes delicious too! At least, we can imagine it does. Yum.

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Have you ever been to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop before? Would you try this hot ice cream treat?

Image via flickr