There must be a God somewhere, I mean Bloody Mary and Chili together can only be created by a higher power, right? What a brilliant idea to put these two hot and spicy delicacies all in one pot. Not only will watching football never be the same, but your chili recipe days will never be the same either.

Sound interested? In the video above, Ree Drummond teaches us how to make this dangerously delicious meal with the use of fresh vegetables and bloody Mary mixture. It all looks so tasty and fresh with wonderful herbs and spices to take things to the next level. This is defiantly not chili like grandma use to make, but I guess it depends on who your grandma is. You will want to make this dish as soon as possible, and be sure to take the next day off work just in case.

Enjoy this video and take good notes. It will be your new recipe for a fun and exciting football Sunday. Share this with your adult friends and let the kids have a sleepover at their friend’s place, because there will be no room at the Inn when everyone starts passing out.

Will you try this Bloody Mary Chili recipe?