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The first time I had boozy ice cream, it was a rum  concoction and I was 16. *Queue GASP*

Look, it was my Sweet 16 and I was in the Dominican Republic. How would I know better? I was but a wee child looking to get the best of both worlds – obviously dessert and liquor.

Anyways, I definitely got a bit of a buzz going. Although, this could have also certainly been placebo, for the sake of this article I will say that it was one of the most memorable experiences and boozy ice cream is the best way to go.

When in doubt, eat boozy ice cream.

Sad? Boozy ice cream.

Happy? Booze up that ICE CREAM!

So here are some recipes to get you started. Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon, so is Mother’s Day, so is Memorial Day, so is Flag Day, so is my birthday, so yeah…. You will certainly need these recipes STAT.

1. Baileys Poptails via Marla Meridith

boozy ice cream recipes 1

Of course, Bailey’s would make the perfect popsicle.

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