I also wished I had had more luck in the name department. After growing up hearing everything from “Slim Shady” to “Sadé” to “Shawty” – you can imagine how things could end up getting old.

However, you can imagine my disappointment growing tenfold when I found out that my name was not some variation on “Burger King”. Why, you may ask?

In what is quite possibly the epitome of class, a couple whose last names are Burger and King (his and hers respectively) recently got their wedding paid for in full by none other than fast food chain and burger joint – you guessed it – Burger King. I mean, who hasn’t ever dreamed of getting married amongst a sea of hamburgers, french fries and crappy milkshakes?!

Because this couple was caught up on their intellectual property and copyright laws (phew!), they reached out to Burger King to make sure it would be OK if they used their logo on their wedding invitations and favors. You have to admit this is pretty genius and clearly, the chain thought so, too.

Once they caught wind of these going-ons, it wasn’t a subpoena they sent the couple, but instead a tweet stating that they had something “special” they wanted to send over. That something special was a big fat check covering the entire wedding. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Honestly, the most i could hope for is that one day the Tabasco company would confuse my name with theirs and award me a lifetime supply of hot sauce, but alas… that is a different story for a different day.

The check covered everything from “…personalized yo-yos for wedding guests, as well as gift bags, mason jars…, Burger King crowns, all customized for the wedding.” says Eater. I am almost a little jealous… but not.

Now, all there is left is to see pictures of this wedding of the decade that might just beat out that couple from Starbucks that one time…

Take a look at the Burger King couple’s reaction when they heard the news. Aww, I could almost cry. Almost.