For today’s weird, but delicious, recipe, we’re bringing you chef Justin Warner’s unusually recipe of cake and steak.

That’s right, in the video above, Warner serves his guests chocolate cake, topped with steak… and supposedly, it’s delicious. What’s even a bit weirder than the whole cake and steak thing, is how Warner made his cake.

He used Black Garlic Mayonnaise as one of the main ingredients. Now, traditional mayo is often used when baking because essentially, it’s just eggs and oil, and practically every cake needs that. But to use Black Garlic flavor? That’s pretty unusual, but we bet it added an incredible kick to the cake, which we assume perfectly complimented the steak.

If you’re looking to recreate this recipe, and FYI, we totally think you should, you can pick up some Black Garlic Mayonnaise from Empire Mayonnaise. And if, you want to just do a traditional cake, no steak, you can use traditional mayo, which you can also get here.

So be sure to watch the video above!

Will you try Justin Warner’s cake and steak recipe?