In all honesty, I’m not really a fan of candy corn. They don’t really taste like much to me besides plastic and sugar. With so much candy out there, this option is probably the most underwhelming, and it’s a shame really.

Lucky for candy corn, however, they are just the right colors to make them the festive Halloween treat you see absolutely everywhere.

If you’ve got a ton leftover and want to mix them into the perfect baked good, below are some good routes to take. A little more sugar never hurt anyone, right? Don’t tell your dentist we said that…

  1. Cookies: Perhaps one of the easiest of recipes, it’s a pretty safe (yet delicious) option. Make a base of buttery soft-batch cookies and throw in some candy corn. Want to get crazy? Why not add other kinds of “chips” in there, too – like chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, etc. Heck, why not throw in  chopped up pretzels and other snacks, too? Or, you can always make cookies in the shape of a candy corn (as seen above).
  2. Fudge: Making fudge is another easy option. We’ve seen a simple fudge with candy corn topping, but have also seen a butterscotch fudge utilizing candy corns in the recipe. Anything is possible!!
  3. Chocolate Bark: In the same vein as fudge, a dark chocolate bark can be lightened up with some sugary sweet candy corns.
  4. Snack Mix: Candy corn is great in small doses, so it’s no wonder it tastes so great when it’s mixed in a snack mix – think: popcorn, pretzels, chocolate slivers, chips and more.
  5. Rice Krispie Treats: Haven’t you learned that you can probably mix anything into Rice Krispie Treats? After all, that marshmallow glue can stick just about anything together.
  6. Blondies & Brownies: Who’s to say you can’t put these sugar bombs in baked goods that are probably already sufficiently sweet? They’ll add a delightful chewy texture, we’re sure.
  7. Deep Fried: Look, I’ve never tasted this before – only seen it. While you may be wary of trying this, if you’ve ever had deep fried Oreos, you’ll know just how much better things are when they’re dipped in oil and doubled in size.
  8. Cocktails: Booze makes everything better. If booze can make your drunk bagel and hummus combo taste like what you would imagine liquid gold would taste like, than a liquor infused, Halloween-themed candy corn cocktail is just what the coworker-dressed-up-as-a-doctor ordered.

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What candy corn recipes are you willing to try?