Why caramel apples are so satisfying is beyond me, but all that matters is that they’re delicious, satisfying and everything you need for fall. Obviously apples are delicious and versatile, while caramel is decadent and gooey and (better yet) they’re both on a stick – which has essentially been scientifically proven to make food test better and increase lifespan.

Just kidding. Perhaps not exactly but we can only hope.

Instead of going on a citywide hunt for caramel apples that are crisp yet easy to bite into, and sweet but not plastic-tasting, maybe you should try making your own at home.

Thankfully, homemaker goddess Giada de Laurentiis is here to save the day with with these caramel and chocolate apples that everyone will enjoy.

The video above provides a full set of instructions that are easy to follow. Even better is that these are totally customizable. i don’t know about you but there is nothing that adds the cherry on top of the proverbial cake like crushed walnuts. However, I’ve seen everything from crushed M&Ms, chocolate chips, white chocolate drizzle, popcorn, chopped up Oreos, sprinkles, pecans… you get the picture.

Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think. This couldn’t possibly be a better seasonal treat for yourself or guests.

If you’re using these for a Halloween-themed party, a great option would be to roll these babies up in Halloween sprinkles in the quintessential holiday colors – orange, yellow and black or brown.

Happy eating!

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