Food News

Food News

taco bell capn crunch dessert feat

Taco Bell Is Releasing A CRAY Dessert Option

Finally, something to look forward to on the Taco Bell dessert menu!
sushi burrito uma temakeria 1

It’s Sushi! It’s A Burrito! It’s A… Something We (Kinda) Want!

Are you as intrigued as we are? This might be one of the most promising mash-ups ever.

Gag-Worthy: KFC Accused Of Serving Up RATS

This is why you don't trust fast food chains...
national egg shortage

National Egg Shortage Is Affecting Brunches Everywhere

This will seriously put a damper on breakfast hours.
france food waste

France Is Taking A Bold New Step Towards Banning Food Waste

This is certainly a step in the right direction!

Can You Guess How Much This Guy Makes A Year?

Talk about some serious life goals, right?
thickburger carls jr burger

Do You Think The ‘Thickburger’ Sounds Delicious Or Repulsive?

It's a meat on meat monstrosity with all the fixins.

Olive Garden Wants To Make A Buck Out Of Your Breadsticks...

Great news for those of you who take "unlimited breadsticks" to the next level.
mcdonald's bagtray feat image

McDonald’s Redesigns The Takeout Bag For Meals On-The-Go!

If you've ever suffered from "greasy" bag syndrome or "french fry tornado" after a trip to Mickey D's, fear not, the McDonald's BagTray is here!
whole foods cheaper stores

Whole Foods Is Trying To Appeal To Broke Millennial

Have you ever dreamed of cheaper artisanal almond butter?
haagen dazs free cone day

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS: More Free Ice Cream Coming Your...

Make sure not to show up a minute early or a minute late.
chipotle guacamole recipe

Chipotle Reveals Their Super-Secret Guac Recipe Once and For All

Just in time for the festivities, don't you think?
panera bread ingredients

Panera Bread Is Following The Trend By Removing The Nasties

Thanks to their latest announcement, you don't need to worry about the potential hazards of hidden ingredients.


holiday cookies recipes

The 20 Holiday Cookies You Need To Make

There are so many to try with so little time!
chocolate chip cookie ingredients

The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide You Will Ever Need

Tomorrow is National Cookie Day and if ever there was a time to experiment it would be... now!
best december food 1

9 Foods (And Drinks) We’re Excited To Eat In December

We have all your food groups covered. Kind of.
reeses christmas tree featured image

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Fail Heard Around The World

Instead of trees these have an awful resemblance to....