If you’ve ever needed a reason to skip out on fast food, look no further.

As a health nut a lot of people think, “Oh, you just eat rabbit food and have a lot of self control.” Actually, no. I love junk food (in acceptable serving sizes), but I make sure it’s from quality places. For example, if I’m craving a burger I get it from The Organic Grill or my old mainstay, The Spotted Pig – both in New York.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Honestly, if what you’re looking for is a burger, you could probably get a better option at your local, small-scale diner than at a drive-thru.

Not only are the ingredients shriveled up and decrepit, but you also never quite know what the quality control is like when it comes to companies this big.

At a Checkers in Baltimore – a burgers and fries kinda joint seemingly running up and down the East Coast – an employee was videotaped taking a burger bun, wiping it on the floor and then proceeding to make a sandwich… with mayo. This is good to know in case you’re interested in eating your dirt and bacteria with all the fixins’.

Watch the video below:

Apparently, the employee in question was 17 at the time and this was taken several years ago. She has since been fired and Fox reports that she feels “really embarrassed” – especially now that she can’t find a job.

While she’s claiming the sandwich was never really served, there is absolutely no way to verify this.

Gross to think about, right?

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Have you ever eaten at a Checkers before?