chipotle delivery

My coworkers and I used to always order Chipotle for pick-up, but once winter rolled around, not even the deliciousness of a burrito could entice us to leave the (relative) warmth of our office chairs (also because we’re lazy).

For the rest of you lazy folk out there, there is some excellent news. Postmates will now bring Chipotle to you.

We recently shared with you that Taco Bell was thinking of introducing delivery, but it looks like Chipotz beat them to the punch and we ain’t complaining.

Chipotle may have more than 1,800 locations worldwide, but nothing is more convenient than having someone deliver your lunch right at your doorstep.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the Mexican grill chain will be teaming up food-delivery service Postmates to deliver your favorite loaded burrito in 67 U.S. cities.

Just like the rest of us who have quarterly goals, Chipotle’s Chief Financial officer, Jack Hartung, said that while online ordering composes about 6.6 percent of the company’s sales, they are looking to grow that number close to 10 percent.

Let me tell you, if anything will make someone shop/eat anywhere/thing it’s one of two (or both) things: 1) Freeness and/or cheapness and 2) Not having to lift a finger to get it. Chipotle is essentially packing in a 1-2┬ámarketing punch with this recent move. Not only this, however, but their burritos and bowls are actually addictive and delicious.

Now, the only question is if they will deliver margaritas to my work place at my lunch hour or if I still have to go to the Chipotle down the street with a lunch crowd that is enough to make you rethink your appetite. Pray for me and all of us to keep our sanity.

Are you excited to get your Chipotle delivery fix?