chipotle removes gmo foods

Oh, Chipotle.

It’s so delicious and always manages to hit the spot. After a hearty and always fairly inexpensive meal, you can never really say you’re still hungry (unless you are an ogre).

While we’ve known for a while that the ingredients are a world better than other fast food chain’s ingredients, there’s always the chance of hidden GMOs, chemicals and pesticides when you’re not ordering organic.

We don’t want you to think we’re food snobs, but these hidden ingredients may affect your health long-term in ways you don’t even know! Of course, we’d rather live a life sans paranoia (in other words, you won’t catch us reading EVERY food label), but we can certainly rest easier when a food brand, product or company announces a stance against GMOs.

We can thank the innovative Chipotle Mexican Grill chain for announcing that it will halt the use of foods that have been genetically modified. Reported first to the New York Times,  the piece confirms that as of today, nothing served at any one of the 2,000 locations contains GMOs.

While the chain was the first of its kind in announcing it would not serve meat treated with antibiotics back in 1999 and announced labeling all GMO foods back in 2013, this step has taken them to the next level.

I’m not sure about you, but I will definitely feel better after lunching at Chipotz from now on!

What do you think about chipotle removing GMO foods? Will that make you more likely to eat there?