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There are many food holidays  that I use as an excuse to write about food porn, but this one is really near and dear to my heart.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and if there’s one thing I love it’s certainly chocolate chip cookies. Why? Perhaps it all started many moons ago when my best friend and I started our obsession with Tate’s. So crisp and perfect, we would snap pictures of ourselves eating whole bags of them in one sitting and send them to each other. Yep, we were weird.

To keep our chocolate chip cookie obsession from looking too sad, we decided to venture around New York in search for the best chocolate chip cookies the city had to offer. We searched far and wide and found large cookies, crunchy cookies, soft cookies and every other kind you can think of from places like Levain Bakery, Paradis-To-Go, Dominique Ansel (before they blew up with the cronut), and Coolhaus (for the cookie ice cream sandwiches, of course).

We turned from antisocial cookie monsters to highly educated cookie connoisseurs and savants. At least, that’s what we would like to think.

So, anyways that is the spiel on why I love chocolate chip cookies that you probably didn’t bother to read. I don’t blame you, there are 21 pictures of gorgeous chocolate chip cookies ahead! Here are the different ways you can bake them yourself for  when you feel you deserve a treat (which is always).

1. The Classic Chewy Cookie via Host The Toast

chocolate chip cookie recipe 1

Here is the classic chocolate chip cookie in all its glory. Not too soft, not too crisp. There is a perfect chocolate : cookie ratio and will satisfy your craving for cookies. Seriously, homemade cookies put gross-as-hell Chips Ahoy to shame.

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