Throwback Holiday: Roasted Chestnuts, Figgy Pudding & Wassail

Every wonder how to make those classic Christmas recipes you hear about in Christmas carols? How to Win Winter is here with this video showing instructions on how to make three throwback holiday eats: roasted chestnuts, figgy pudding and wassail.

First up is roasted chestnuts, but an open fire is not needed. How to Win Winter shows how to score an X in the chestnuts, soak them in boiling water for one minute and how to make a foil packet in which to bake them. After 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven the chestnuts are bursting open with goodness.

Figgy pudding is next up. It is made with dried figs, brandy and boiling water. The cook removes a few figs and purees the rest in a blender. She chops the remaining figs and folds them into the batter. The batter is place in a Bundt pan and a water bath to bake. Bring me some figgy pudding, please.

Lastly, wassail is demonstrated with the ingredients of apple cider, orange juice and lemon juice. The cook adds some cinnamon sticks, ground ginger and ground nutmeg while simmering on the stovetop. A little brandy or cognac is added to complete the warm drink.

Will you attempt these classic Christmas recipes?