Culinary Misfits

Have you ever wondered where all those funky and weird looking vegetables go? After all, not all food that is grown on Earth comes out looking pristine and straight out of a picture book – as much as we would like to believe that. Unfortunately, the fate of these decidedly ugly vegetables usually is quite dark… To the trash they go! Many supermarkets find the deformed produce too unappealing for their “glittering”  (yawn) supermarket shelves, so disposal is often their final destination.

Luckily this restaurant in Berlin, Culinary Misfits, is all about finding these ugly ducklings a home. Despite their [hardly] unsightly appearance. this can often be a great indicator of freshness and taste. After all, the reason why your grocery store haul can seem so perfect and shiny is often due to genetic manufacturing and modification. In any case, the chefs behind Culinary Misfits transform their own haul – which can include Jerusalem artichokes, blue potatoes, and wild herbs – into culinary delights that are healthy, vegan, and gluten-free. Don’t let these labels scare you away, however. Our friend who recommended the spot to us seemed very pleased with his experience, stating:

“It’s so cute and when I’m there I feel good because I feel like the ugly veggies are alive and have found homes…I’m like ‘Aw, potato welcome home!’… and the girl who runs it is really cool.”

Well, we’ll take his word for it!

culinary misfits

The masterminds behind this sustainable business? Tanja Krakowski and Lea Brumsack. Both are designers who found their passion for food culture in the beginning of 2011. Their interest is evident in everything from their smart-looking website and gorgeous cafe interiors to the way they go straight to the farming source – adding transparency and honesty in the term “farm-to-table”.

Despite the distance between the US and Germany, we can appreciate their efforts from afar and can only hope to taste the fare for ourselves one day. If you ever happen to find yourself in the Berlin area, check out their shop at Manteuffelstraße 19 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg or throw yourself a party and have them cater it. We would!

What do you think about the Culinary Misfits?

Images via Culinary Misfits