It’s National Cupcake Month! And while cupcakes are not as hot as they once were, they are still yummy, but only when they’re made the right way, of course!

Too often, we have to deal with crumbly options with plastic-tasting frosting. We say NO MORE to all that! Here’s everything you need to know about baking the perfect batch in the comfort of your own home.

From how to make the actual cupcake to the secret for creating the ultimate buttercream frosting and how to pipe it on perfectly, this video is great for bakers that are only in the beginning of their kitchen journey.

Not to fret, with more practice you will become a pro in no time. In addition, as you keep baking and creating, you will find certain additions or substitutions to make recipes more to your liking!

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Do you have a favorite cupcake recipe or flavor?