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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the relationship Westerners have with their pets as opposed to those in other areas of the world, it is that we really love our animals. SO much so, that we give and get them only the best of the best. Our puppies and kittens are essentially our family members and there is no way we would treat them as anything less than that.

While we can regularly indulge in five-course prix-fixe meals at fancy shmancy restaurants, the best we can do for our pups is take them to that really nice dog run on Sundays (if we’re not hungover), bring them along to trendy doggie bars (mostly just to pick up other dog lovers), and buy them that really trendy, organic dog food brand that comes in miniature-sized baggies.

That being, dog lovers living in the UK were recently able to treat their beloved pets to a five-course meal at The Curious Canine Kitchen – a pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch, London.

Feating holistic meals made up of fresh, organic food and pared with alkaline water, beef consommé and coconut water, this experience is nothing short of a Joel Robuchon-esque experience.

Exact items on the menu included paprika kale chips, mini raw pizzas with hempseed pesto and dehydrated mushroom on a sprouted buckwheat + flaxseed base, and a Blueberry, Chia, Chocolate + Avocado Cheesecake.

We hate to say it, but we think these pups are eating better than we are!

The 2-day event happened on April 11-12 and brought many canines together to stress the importance of a healthier diet for pets. In a pet food industry filled with questionable ingredients, this is a breath of fresh air. Better yet, all the proceeds from the event will be donated to the animal rescue community Amazon CARES..

Take a look at more info of the event here.

Would you take your dog to the next Curious Canine Kitchen?