dutch weed burger

While the Netherlands are no strangers to weed – in the Marijuana sense of the word, of course – there is a new kind of weed that is taking over the food scene. The Dutch Weed Burger (maybe unfortunately) won’t get you high because it’s actually made with Dutch-grown seaweed.

While a typical burger may do the trick, the masterminds behind the weed burger are looking to start a new type of sustainable agriculture, dubbed “seagriculture”. Clever. Why exactly? Well, Mark Kulsdom, co-founder of the Dutch Weed Burger states:

“We can easily grow a nutrient-dense, protein-rich food in the sea. To do that on land is becoming more of a problem. With raising animals, now we’ve reached a certain level where it’s not sustainable anymore. We can’t sustain the environment, and the environment can’t sustain the industry.”

While it’s shocking and to-the-point, he makes a valid statement. While many gawk at seaweed and turn their noses up at it dubbing it “fish food”, it’s actually quite delicious. If you haven’t tried seaweed snacks, for example, they are actually quite salty, delicious, and satisfying for their low calorie content.

dutch weed burger 2

In addition, you might be asking, “Where’s the protein, though?” Funny you ask because seaweed makes for a wonderful substitute for meat in terms of nutrition. That’s why so many vegan choose to include this sea green into their diets.

The patty for the Dutch Weed Burger is made with kombu seaweed in combination with roasted, textured soy. The bun is also green thanks to the micro-algae, and the vegan “weed sauce” is made with Dutch sea lettuce.

What does it taste like? Well, perhaps it’s because we’re naturally adventurous eaters, but we think it sounds incredible. Kulsdom even stated that it “tastes like chicken” so even non-vegetarians might enjoy this one.

The move towards non-meat sources of protein seems to be a growing trend within the food industry and it’s only growing and getting more rapid. Kulsdom himself explained that while his product is in only 70 restaurants now, he is looking to get more of an International fan base with 700 restaurants. Hey, if we had a restaurant he could definitely count us in.

dutch weed burger 3

All  images via Dutch Weed Burger

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