It’s National Eggnog Month and this seems like a great time to confess something: I had never had eggnog up until two years ago – and I’m a semi-fully grown adult.

I know, it’s sad but true, but let me just say that it was probably one of the greatest tasting, indulgent recipes I had ever tried. That is no exaggeration.

While making the classic eggnog recipe is a delicacy in and of itself, it’s certainly worth getting creative – especially if you (*gasp*) may be getting a little bored of the Christmas classic or you are looking to switch it up.

That’s where this video comes in showing you five different eggnog recipes you may never have tried before. For example, have you ever tried eggnog french toast for Christmas breakfast? What about an eggnog syrup to pour over your pancakes? Eggnog biscuits? Eggnog risotto?!

Looking to try a form of spiked nog? There’s even an eggnog White Russian you can concoct. We’ll never say no to booze!

Clearly, anything is possible and these recipes are just the beginning.

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Which of these eggnog recipes do you have your eye on?