mini pop tarts cereal

For people who love all food and do not discriminate – or have the palette of a five year old – Pop Tarts are great. They’re cakey, crumbly, covered in frosting and filled with something that might or might not be jam.

Some might say that the best part about them is that they are socially acceptable to  be eaten in the morning as party of a “healthy” (JK, not at all) breakfast. Why this is? I’m not 100% sure. Maybe it’s because you can dunk them into a toaster or perhaps it has something to do with their association to foreign (and more refined) breakfast tarts and pastries.

Whatever the reason may be, they are ideal as a grab-and-go breakfast item, but now they’ve been taken to the next level thanks to fashion and food blogger, Caitlin of Public Lives, Secret Recipes.

Thanks to this recipe, you can now have a bowl of pop tarts – or, at least, miniaturized versions of them.

At first glance I can totally see the appeal. It’s adorable and anything in a miniature size is good in my book, but then you have to wonder about consistency. Like… would a soggy Pop Tart really taste that good? According to the blogger, it’s actually quite delicious. Saying of the consistency:

“…Weirdly enough, they taste great in a bowl of milk as cereal.”

Anyways, we’re kind of fascinated and intrigued by this little concoction and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t all for trying it out. Get the recipe here and make sure to report back to us on what you think!

mini pop tarts cereal 2

Images via Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Would you try the mini pop tarts cereal?