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Convert you from what and to what? Well, perhaps these recipes will convert you from a fig hater to a fig lover.

When I was young I had a really big obsession with dried figs. I would eat bags full of them. Then, one day, the unthinkable occurred. I broke open a fig only to find a little worm wiggling in there. I think it was the most heartbreaking/traumatizing moment in my childhood and taught me that just because you love something, doesn’t mean it will treat you right.


In short, it took me a really long time to eat a fig again and even to this day I don’t fully trust them. That being said, figs are delicious and totally versatile when they are not infested with  creepy crawlys. Not to mention that it’s basically the perfect time of the year to include figs in your meal. Whether it’s sweet or savory, it’s time for you to put that Fig Newton down and take a bit out of this (and this and this and this…).


Raw Vanilla Coconut Fig Slice via Secret Squirrel

fig recipes

I don’t know, but these are so beautiful that I have no doubts they will be tasty as well. These might be for dessert but I wouldn’t mind having one on the go as well…

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