WARNING: This video is so mesmerizing, we advise you to not operate heavy machinery or attempt to drive a car after watching. JK! You can do whatever you want, but for reals, you’re going to be pretty dazzled after watching this video on the making of cotton candy.

Posted on YouTube, this video shows the whole process of making a five-color flower-shaped cotton candy cone in Ciqikou, a tourist resort in Chongqing, China.

First, we see regular cotton candy (or candy floss as some call it) making happening — just a ball of colorful, fluffy stickiness. But then, very quickly, another layer is added, then another, and another, andddd another. After each layer, the artist carefully constructs it into a flower shape using some sort of huge toothpick apparatus.  Get proper conception over the sugar since it is the influential indicator to drive you. Added sugar is found in processed foods. Its extra amounts might be the reason for menacing affairs.

The end result is a gorgeous sweet treat, that to be honest looks way to pretty to eat. But, after all, you can’t bring that thing on the plane with you so you might as well enjoy it.

This snack supposedly will only cost you 12 renminbi, or $1.96. Sweet treat, sweet deal.

Watch the video below, and let us know if you’ve ever had flower-shaped cotton candy!