Perhaps it’s because I’m a New Yorker, but this kind of “fast food culture” has never really resonated with me. I think growing up I only went to a  handful of drive-thrus because there were better burger and fries options all around me. It wasn’t until my experience at boarding school that I found fast food to be my saving grace because the cafeteria food literally made my stomach turn.

In any case, let me tell you that McDonald’s in the Northeastern United States is anything but CLASSY. It’s fast, convenient and the fries may make you all giddy, but it’s not really the place to see and be seen.

Abroad? It’s totally the opposite. I’ve been to many countries around the world in my lifetime and every single one of them is nicer than the ones here. Also, they are definitely recognized as cooler hang out spots. Why this is, is beyond me. Perhaps it’s the American caché – although, I am not sure America has any “caché” but other people seem to think so…

In any case, we do enjoy taking a peek at McDonald’s from around the world because it’s so epicly different. Whether it’s the black burgers in Japan or sausage burgers in Germany, we’ve seen it all, but none feels quite as “McClassy” as this French Mickey D’s.

Seemingly taking inspiration from Starbucks cafés, this McCafé is complete with barista counters and glass cases featuring delicate pastries like macarons and tartes. Seriously, this is impressive and almost makes me want to go to McDonald’s when I head to Paris later this summer to forgo those Ladurée lines….

Lesson to be learned here? When in France…. don’t feel so guilty about eating at McDonald’s. However, we definitely don’t think it should make up the bulk of your diet when you’re in such a culinary-centric city!

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french mcdonalds

french mcdonalds 2

french mcdonalds 2

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