In recent grotesque but newsworthy stories, a 25-year-old Californian man by the name of Devorise Dixon is claiming that KFC has served him a fried up rat. EUghhhh.

Looking at the pictures it certainly does look like a rat – maybe a mouse at best. Take a look for yourself:

kfc rat devorise dixon 1

Image via Facebook

Despite his adamant claims that he was served rodentia instead of a three-piece meal of the avian variety, KFC has replied to this claim on social media denying it.

As a matter of fact, KFC has been so determined in confirming their innocence that they have replied to Dixon (and others) on multiple forums including Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. A representative for KFC has even gotten into contact with Mashable supplying the original Instagram photo stating that the different angle indicates that the piece is, in fact, chicken.kfc rat devorise dixon 2

Image via Instagram

Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), KFC was faced with much skepticism. I mean, it looks like a rat either way you fry it. KFC made a statement saying:

“After the post from this consumer sufaced KFC made various attempts to contact him, but he refused to talk to us directly or through an attorney. We extended the opportunity to have an independent lab evaluate the product at o ur own expense, but the customer refused to provide the product in question.”

Looks like it’s your move, Devorise Dixon! While the young man has made multiple posts on social media and even said that the piece of unidentifiable meat was “rubbery” (I guess rat must be rubbery), it looks like he is staying quiet for now.

This is not the first case of “weird object in my fast food” however, which is why KFC and others are understandably skeptical. Plus, why run if you’ve got nothing to hide? Cough up the rat already!

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What do you think? Is Devorise Dixon fibbing or telling the truth?