Firstly: I’m sorry to be crass. I know that Easter is all about the religious goings-ons and whatnot, but to many foodies (and myself) I really think of it the way Chrissy Teigen thinks of it – as an “eating holiday”.

Yes, and it was about darn time because about three months have passed since Christmas and we are hungry. All that New Years’ resolution crap was really making our tanks run on empty. After month-to-month gorge fests from Halloween to Christmas, getting such a long break was really difficult for us – however easy it might have been on our waistlines and digestion.

Luckily, this Friday is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, which means a weekend long snack-a-thon. When we were kids, the thought of painting eggs and candy was enough to fill us with joy, but as we grew older the sparkle to the holiday seemed to fade.

That is until we got office jobs, entered “adulthood” and longed for home cooked meals… To be honest, most of you will probably head home just for that and also (not to forget) get an excuse to bake. Don’t lie, though. We know you will announce your “baking” to the household as if it were a favor, when really it will just give you an excuse to hang out in the kitchen, eat raw cookie dough and gorge down peeps or Cadbury creme eggs like it was your job. OK, for the next few days – it is your job.

So, instead of patting yourself on the back for assorting the 3 peeps you didn’t eat on a tray, why not try making this incredible Peep that is (you guessed it) filled with peeps, courtesy of Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio. This is a whole new level of inception, though so beware.

Would you trying making this Peeps Cake?