girl scout cookies feat image

I MEAN, I could have definitely told you this, but yanno, it’s good to be backed up by two gals who literally had their lives saved thanks to the holy power that is the Girl Scout Cookie.

Two sisters, Leslie Roy and Lee Marie Wright from Michigan, had been lost in the wilderness for almost two weeks when they were thankfully spotted by a rescue helicopter last Friday night, April the 24th.

The story goes a little like this: They were just having a good ol’ time vacationing in nature (there’s your first problem right there…) when a torrential snowstorm hit  on April 11th. Snow in April is unfortunate enough as it is, but even worse, these two ladies were stuck inside their SUV without cell service and being stuck in deep, deep snow.

OK, but the piece de resistance? They survived all this by subsisting on about eight boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. YES!

Look, if I could eat nothing but Girl Scout Cookies (preferably Samoas and Tagalongs), I would be ecstatic. Alas, my waistline would be less than pleased. However, the circumstances these two sisters were put in are scary to think about.

Of course, in addition to the cookies, the sisters also shared that they persevered on Cheetos (so, a balanced diet), love and hope in their families, and many layers of clothes.

Well, we’re glad they’re OK and if there’s anything you take away from this news piece, it’s that you should always hoard Girl Scout Cookies on vacation.

Which Girl Scout Cookies flavor is your favorite?