haagen dazs free cone day

Yasssss, if you missed out on Carvel’s Free Cone Day, then fear not because Häagen Dazs is hosting their very own cone day. On May 12 (that’s next Tuesday), you can stop by any participating store between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and get one free kiddie size ice cream in either a cup, sugar cone or cake cone.

We are very excited, but also a little annoyed. What does”kiddie size” mean and why is it limited to one per guest. OK, maybe I get why, but what if I keep coming in to the shop in costume? Will  they really be able to recognize me? Let’s hope not…

Anyways, they’re being very strict about the date and times specified, so if you come in at 8:01 and they don’t give you a free con, don’t say we didn’t warn ye!

You might not want to be such a cheapskate though and actually buy something. According to their Facebook event, people who come in to the shop to spend that good old, hard cash will be able to skip everyone looking to milk the free scoop festivities.

I mean, no judgement.

According to the FB page, 120,000 have already confirmed their attendance, so expect a line up the whazooooo!