Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Whether it’s for the tricks or the treats is yet to be determined but we can’t say we don’t enjoy both.

If you’re hosting a Halloween gathering, it’s a no brainer that you will probably be serving up some spooky treats – probably resembling severed fingers, eyeballs and oozing brains.

Lucky for you, it doesn’t always take a master baker to create these recipes – just a little bit of patience, vision and creativity. Or, of course, some really great recipe videos you can find above.

Take a look at some more of our favorite spooktacular Halloween treats below – that are  sweet, savory and sure to please everyone.

1. Witch Fingers via Texanerin Baking

halloween treats

The resemblance these have to actual fingers is quite shocking at first, but this “finger food” (pun intended) makes for great savory snacking.

2. Bloody Eggs via Pig Pig’s Corner

halloween treats

While eating eggs at a party may not be everyone’s first choice, you have to agree that something about these is especially bothersome…

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3. Guts In A Jar via Delish

halloween treats

While these may look like intestines, they are actually just dumplings! Yum!

4. Broken Glass Cupcakes via Martha Stewart

halloween treats 4

This looks like a seriously high risk cupcake snack. Rest assured the “shard of glass” is actually edible sugar and won’t cut the roof of your mouth – if you’re careful.

5. Poison Toffee Apples via Simply Delicious Food

halloween treats 5

Something about eating food that is totally black is a little concerning, but we promise they taste delicious!

6. Dracula’s Dentures via The Girl Who Ate Everything

halloween treats 6

Alright, alright, these may not look totally realistic or scary, but we still love them and think they would fit in perfectly with any spooky Halloween theme.

7. Severed Ear via You Bent My Wookie

halloween treats 7

Ok, we’ve got severed fingers, but severed ears? These are seriously creepy – in a good way.

8. Loaded Mashed Potato Spider Web Casserole via NeighborFood

halloween treats 8

This recipe is not only easy to make but great for dinners as a side dish. Just make sure not to eat the spider!

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9. Maggot Cupcakes via Sarah Hardy Cakes

halloween treats 9

There’s nothing that makes our stomach turn more than eating maggots and rotting food. While this one is by an expert baker, we thought to still include it as inspiration.

10. Eyeball Fizz via A Girl And A Glue Gun

halloween treats 10

No party can be complete without some drinks! These eyeball drinks are perfect and can be made “adult” with a dash of gin.

11. Voodoo Doll Cookies via Not Quite Nigella

halloween treats 11

Let’s hope you don’t have any enemies before you eat one of these!

12. Oozing Brains Cake Balls via Hungry Happenings

halloween treats 12

Oozing brains? That’s a classic we won’t get sick of.

13. Strawberry Ghosts via Candiquik

halloween treats 13

Not really much of a baker or master confectioner? NO problem. These ghoulish ghosts are easy and delicious. Boo!

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Which of these Halloween treats spooked you the most?