Food is great and all, but you know what gets us all warm and fuzzy and in the mood to make some more poor food (and probably life) choices? Drinks!

Yes, we do mean boozy drinks.

Luckily, the holidays provide an amazing window of time in the cold, dark months to drink your fair share Рfor self-heating purposes, of course.

While we all love hot mulled wine and champagne, if you’re looking to get creative with your beverages, the video above provides the perfect solutions.

This concoctions are fun and festive and even come with personalized glasses to serve them in. Even if arts and crafts or DIY has never been a strong suit of yours, this walk through is so easy, there is virtually no way you could mess it up. We promise.

Need some inspiration? Make the recipes beforehand and sip as you go. You didn’t get this advice from me…!

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What holiday cocktail recipes will you be making this year?