Yesterday we wrote about all the different ways you can mess around with the ingredients in chocolate chip cookies because of National Cookie Day, but before all that, we have to ask something.

What cookies will you be making exactly?

Of course, you can always go the classic chocolate chip cookie route, but as we mentioned in our favorite holiday food round-up, there are so many more options like gingerbread or sugar cookies – especially around this time of the year.

However, as any smart cookie enthusiast knows, that is not all. That is not all and this video playlist will give you a ton of inspiration.

Expect festive classics like butterscotch pecan cookies along with kid-friendly options such as PB & J or iced gingerbread cookies in fun holiday molds.

While the general theme to these happen to be centered around the holidays, there are certainly some that won’t look out of place or “late to the game” in the middle of January. For example, how great do those brown sugar oatmeal cookies sound?  Or what about the even more indulgent crispy & gooey s’more cookies?

Ah, there are just so many options it’s hard to choose, but who says you can’t make all of them? You better fit in all these recipes before those healthy New Year’s resolutions, right? Right.

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What holiday cookie recipes are you going to try?