Starbucks has been receiving a whole lot of backlash on their holiday cups this year because of its new minimalistic design. While the cups previously featured snow flakes and snowmen, the cups now come in a solid shade of red. Christians everywhere – and Donald Trump – are apparently furious. Meanwhile, I could care less.

That being said, if you are one of those people totally offended by the new design, you can head on over to Dunkin’ Donuts for your festive fix. Their cups truly runneth over with the stuff – featuring words like “Joy” and what seems like mistletoe. How nice.

Take a look below at the design below:

Now take a look at the Starbucks cup. We tend to agree with the general sentiment below:

While I understand how the Starbucks holiday cups may be less “Instagram-worthy”, there have simply got to be more important and interesting things to debate over in the world than a a cup. Right? RIGHT?!

I sure do hope so, for my sanity and yours.

Of course, we can all settle this between the coffee giants, because there’s a new holiday cup in town. By who? Whole Foods!

This should certainly add more drama to the mix. However, a word to the wise: Instead of participating in this petty nonsense, sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of joe in peace. It’s the holidays after all. Isn’t this supposed to be a happy time?

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Which of these holiday cups do you like the most?