You may think that now that Thanksgiving is over, there isn’t much food left to try. After all, isn’t Turkey Day the holiday¬†all about food? (And family and friends, of course…)

However, that assumption would be totally incorrect. Christmas, Hanukkah and everything in between afford plenty of opportunities to eat tasty treats and drink incredibly rich beverages. Below are some of the eats we’re most excited for.

Eggnog (via Jamie Oliver)

holiday foods for december

Eggnog will always be number one. We still haven’t indulged in one, but we’re planning our first sip to certainly be nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Panettone (via Bauli)

holiday foods for decemberImage via flickr

Is Panettone the most decadent Christmas food out there? Probably not. Is it still something that brings back fond memories of my childhood and mother? Yes! As any Italian (or quarter Italian, like myself) knows, Panettone is simple a must for the holidays. It’s essentially a spongy bread with raisins and usually topped with butter. I love to pair it with a hot chocolate, toasted and with extra, extra butter on top.

Gingerbread Men (via Cake & Allie)

holiday foods for december

Gingerbread men and their houses are tons of fun to make. They’re probably not the most delicious cookies on the face of the Earth but look at how cute they are!

Sugar Cookies (via Back To Her Roots)

holiday foods for december

Sugar cookies are incredible because they’re easy to make, fun to decorate and taste amazing when done right. Who can say no to sugar?

Monkey Bread (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

holiday foods for december

While you might have served this up at Thanksgiving, we think it’s a perfect option for Christmas Day Brunch instead! Just looking at it is making us positively drool.

Bubbe’s Hannukah Latkes (via Saveur)

holiday foods for december

Whether you do or do not celebrate Hanukkah, latkes are universally delicious. There is no doubt about it.

Italian Struffoli (via Living Rich With Coupons)

holiday foods for december

Essentially fritters doused in honey and sprinkles, this is another festive Italian favorite.

Jelly Doughnuts – Sufganiyot (via Pretty Simple Sweet)

holiday foods for december

Who knew jelly doughnuts were so holiday appropriate? As if we needed an excuse…

Mulled Wine (via Gimme Some Oven)

holiday foods for december

And finally, if ever there was a time to wind down with a warm cup of mulled wine, it would be now. Right. Now.

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What holiday foods are you excited to eat in December?