fry scores holly green

To be honest, I haven’t played a video game since I was 15. I went through my Sims addiction phase which was coupled with a heightened interest in Play Station games for a while there, but as time progressed (and I realized I wasn’t as good as I thought I was), I left the awkward teen gamer persona behind and blossomed into a young lady (jk, not really).

Anyways, the point is that I haven’t played a video game in a long, long time so I am not all too sure about what kind of food is featured in them. All I remember are burnt noodles and toast from The Sims. However, if you are a gamer, you might have noticed a few more *iconic* dishes throughout your favorite games and wondered to yourself, “Hm, I wonder how delicious that would be IRL (in real life, for the noobs)?”

Well, if this has crossed your mind from time to time, then you are in luck. Writer, photographer, and (presumably) game enthusiast, Holly Green has released the book of your dreams for you gaming nerds out there and it goes by the name of Fry Scores – now available on iTunes. If you think this idea is outlandish, it actually required a lot of work and creativity – taking her two and a half years to put together 24 recipes from an array of video games.

If you were wondering whether or not The Sims is featured, it is, because anyone who knows anything about iconic computer games knows that The Sims is “The Queen Bey” (not a typo). Green featured the “French Toast” – in my case, “burnt French Toast” – from The Sims 3, in addition to “Pork Katsu” from Cooking Mama, “Yeto’s Soup” from The Legend of Zelda and “Red Curry” from the Kirby series.

Bonus, with video game food comes a gamer sense of simplicity. The cookbook – while seeming farfetched to those of us who don’t “get it” – will feature dishes in a way that anyone can cook up any day of the week. In essence, it’s “gamer food” as it should be.

Interested in knowing more about Holly Green, her book, and her process, check out this interested interview featured on Game Informer.