Memorial Day is a time for grillin’ and that is fact. You’re probably getting ready to nom on some seriously delicious BBQ fare like hamburgers and hot dogs, but have you ever thought about the different variations there are of these classics not only in American but around the world?

Of course, we’ve got every single hamburger flavor imaginable here, but what about hot dogs?

Hot dogs are as American as it gets. You can grab one at the ball park, but also get a perfectly satisfying one at a New York hot dog cart. Of course, there’s the whole “mystery meat” debacle, but you know…. sometimes you have to go give into your less “sophisticated” taste palette.

In any case, most hot dog concoctions are some variation of a hot dog, bun, mustard, ketchup, relish and/or pickles. Hey, we like what we like and there is nothing wrong with that. But did you know there are so many different kinds of hot dogs around the world that you probably didn’t even know about?

For example, did you know that in South Korea, a hot dog typically comes in corn dog form (something that is familiar in the West) but it’s also typically coated with crinkle cut fries and deep fried. Condiment of choice? Ketchup!

In Guatemala, they really don’t play. With a bacon-wrapped hot dog in an avocado-coated corn tortilla, there is also shredded lettuce, cabbage, mayonnaise and chopped onions galore.

Looking at all these hot dogs from around the world is making us crave one. Go ahead and make yourself and show everyone at your BBQ how knowledgeable and worldly you really are.

Take a look at the infographic by The Roosevelts below and get inspired!

hot dogs around world infographic

Image via The Roosevelts

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Which of these hot dogs would you eat first?