Of all of the wonderful shows on the Food Network, one of the most educational, entertaining, and perhaps a little bit corny, shows is Good Eats hosted by Alton Brown. Who doesn’t love the fun science and witty host in Good Eats? Every foodie worth their salt loves the show, and we love this video above for Brown’s Hot Toddy recipe.

In the video above, you’ll experience a short segment from the foodie brilliance that is Alton Brown. He’ll teach you a bit of history about the toddy as well as come up with a new way to use our slow cookers. In fact, you will probably want to plan your next wintertime party around this alcoholic and warm punch.

All you will need to make Alton Brown’s Hot Toddy is a lemon, sugar, water, Scotch-Whiskey, and nutmeg. It is incredibly easy. The only skills you’ll need to make the punch is slicing, measuring, and perhaps grating, if you use fresh nutmeg. Hardware wise, you’ll need a measuring knife, cutting board, measuring cup, ladle, and slow cooker. If you do not own a slow cooker you can easily make this on the stove in a large sauce pan… or you should buy one now, they are so useful!

Watch the video above and enjoy this hot toddy soon!

Will you give this hot toddy recipe a try?