There’s obviously a food holiday for just about anything and today is no exception. it’s National Boston Cream Pie Day and I will be honest here: I’ve never actually had Boston Cream Pie.

Its anatomy is essentially comprised of custard-filled cake that’s been frosted in chocolate. So, it’s actually a cake, of course. Why it’s called pie may stay a mystery but oh well, at least we hear its delicious. And, on top of that, it’s a classic.

If you are interested in knowing about the origins of Boston cream pie, take a look at the video above. Featuring Bobby Flay, he visits the venerable hotel in Boston where the pie/cake was born.

You also get to watch one being made from scratch. To say that it will make your mouth water is an incredible understatement.

The pie also takes an interesting twist with a toasted almond exterior. We cannot say it doesn’t look doubly delicious.

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Do you like Boston Cream Pie? Which was the best you ever had?