bourbon chocolate slices

In today’s trending news, it looks like Japan has beat out Americans on innovation yet again. Bourbon – no, not your favorite beverage of choice but a Japanese food company – has introduced slices of chocolate that resembles those Kraft singles of your infancy.

Some headlines surrounding this masterful invention include statements like, “The future is here” and “Life will never be the same again.”

Indeed, it’s hard not to get a little excited – especially when you’re a mega-chocolate lover. You can practically put these on everything. From bread to crackers, melted or more solid, there are plenty of ways to enjoy such an indulgent treat.

Some more fancy ways we’ve seen these slices being served up are atop pancakes, placed and melted over toast and slices bananas and even having shapes cut out of them or made of them like roses.

Not to be party poopers, but while these are perfectly exciting and have surely revolutionized the chocolate game, we have two questions:

What do these actually taste like? and

What exactly is in them?

No hate to Hershey’s, but sometimes these generic chocolates taste a bit like plastic or like… well, nothing. And just like Velveeta cheese slices taste nothing like cheese, we’re a little concerned these taste nothing like chocolate.

Or at least, they taste like chocolate that’s been pumped with some perservatives.

As far as what’s in them, unfortunately we don’t know how to speak, write or read Japanese, but if anyone can, they can take a gander at Bourbon’s website and try to decipher it.

Meanwhile, we will be sending requests to try it, because who isn’t curious to see if these really do meet expectations? We’ll keep you posted.

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Would you try these Bourbon chocolate slices?