jeni's splendid ice cream

As if there haven’t been enough recalls recently, you can now add Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream to the list of food companies that are issuing a recall due to a potential Listeria outbreak. Yikes.

Mere days after Blue Bell Creameries announced its own massive recall, Jeni’s has announced that it will voluntarily recall all of its ice creams frozen yogurts, sorbets and ice cream sandwich due to potential contamination.

As a matter of fact, not only will Jeni’s be removing their products from shelves, but will also be closing the doors to their shops everywhere until new rounds of testing prove that all of their products are safe enough to be consumed.

A potential contamination came to the company’s attention during a random sampling conducted by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, where they tested one pint of dark chocolate ice cream in Omaho.

While that have been no reports of Jeni’s-induced illness to date, the company thought it better to be safe than sorry. A listeria infection may not be incredibly severe in healthy individuals, but for those with a compromised immune system, the young, elderly or pregnant, the bacteria can lead to serious and sometimes fatal infections.

Unfortunately, the bacteria can be found everywhere from raw meat to vegetables and refrigeration doesn’t typically protect against it and can survive for years in a food processing plant – not great news for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at all.

The company recommends throwing out or returning any of their products if they have been bought recently in addition to contacting a physician if you are worried about contact with Listeria.