It is officially, kind of, sort of Labor Day weekend and if you are like us, you will want to take full advantage of the grill and eating outdoors.

Yesterday we introduced you to the mystical new way to prepare a watermelon, but today we’re giving you the 411 on grilling the perfect kebabs.

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Whether it’s meat or veggies – or any one of these recipes – it’s really more complicated than it looks. First, you have to build the kebab, marinate it, stack it and place it accordingly on your grill.

Ok, this may seem like common sense but you may just be surprised by how the grill masters really do it.

If you’re thinking: Why chose kebabs? I’ve got a couple of answers for you.

1. They’re easy and portable, which makes them a party favorite.

2. They can satisfy everyone. EVERYONE – from vegans to hardcore meat eaters.

3. Everything on a stick just tastes better. Think about it. Cake pops, popsicles, kebabs….

4. Cooking them is less complicated than a steak. While I would love to grill a perfect T-Bone, that probably requires more skill.

5. And, finally, the possibilities for different ingredients used are endless! Try shrimp or try steak. Either way, the smoky flavor will always come out on top.

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What will you turn into a kebab this weekend?