kfc china pink black burger

Image via KFC China

We’ve seen some pretty crazy things coming out of the kitchens of some fast food joints from abroad.

Heck, we’ve seen some pretty crazy things coming out of some fast food joints here.

From rice patties to hot dog stuffed crust, there is no shortage of wild science projects we get to witness – and some venture to devour.

That being said, these new buns hailing from KFC China – reportedly due to a bit of a “sales slump” – will really perplex you and, if you care about food at all, infuriate you.

Yes, someone decided that dying the bun burgers something as unnatural as this would be a stellar marketing ploy in China, but I can’t seem to understand why.

Personally, I find these odd-looking creations totally perplexing and inedible, but to each their own!

If you’re interested in knowing their respective flavors, apparently the pink sandwich is a “rose cheese chicken leg roasted burger” (WHY?!) that features rose petals (AGAIN, WHY?!), while the black sandwich is known as the “black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger”.

While both the color and the flavors are enough to make you scratch your head, I just realized something else might be weirder. Since when does KFC serve burgers?? Isn’t that reserved for places like McDonald’s and Wendy’s? Maybe I’m being too skeptical about this, but wouldn’t you be if you came across these?

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However, if you did have to choose one burger, which one would you choose??

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