And by “murdered”, I do mean murder. As in, KFC has killed pizza and any pride pizza may have had left.

As if pizza could get any crazier – thanks to Pizza Hut and this Swedish pizza – KFC has just come out with the jaw-dropping “Chizza”.

What is the KFChizza you may ask? Well, it’s a pizza that is really a chicken parm when you think about it. Instead of a regular ol’ bread crust, the Chizza features fried chicken for. The piece of fried chicken is covered in pizza sauce, cheese and other toppings like pineapples (EUGH WHY LORD WHY) and green peppers. This masterful concoction is then baked and served as a unit.

Like I said earlier, I’m pretty sure this already exists and is called a chicken parm, but you know, Chizza is a pretty cool name for it, too. Plus, it makes it sound a whole lot more groundbreaking than it really is – and what is a better marketing technique than that?

If you’re looking to get your gritty paws on one of these, well, you’re out of luck because apparently these are only available in the Philippines right now. Apparently the Chizza is getting a test run in Asia before moving on to terrorize other countries.

I’m not sure what you think, but I’m pretty sure this creation won’t get much traction for too long. I feel like if people really wanted chicken and pizza, they would get chicken on their pizza. Bread is one of the most glorious creations there ever was, so what’s the point of leaving it out? Right?

Take a look at the ad below:

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Would you try the KFC Chizza?