When I step into the kitchen  to chop, slice or dice something up, I typically just pick whatever knife is closest to me and call it a day. One time I used a butter knife to slice a cucumber because I was too lazy to clean a sharper one…

Hey, I can cook but are my skills refined? I wouldn’t call it that exactly.

However, if you’re looking to get a little fancier and show of your skill(z), then this trusty infographic by SB Lattin Design is surely a great place to get you started.

Not only does it help you choose the right knife for the right cooking task, but it includes tips and lingo that will help you navigate the knife masterfully.

For example, did you know that the “flat edge” of the knife is called the spine? And, just like your foot, where the blade ends is typically referred to as the heel?

Also, if you’re just holding your produce of choice with whatever random grip is most comfortable to you and slicing down on the knife, you’re just asking to get a finger chopped off. Morbid, right? Instead, this infographic recommends utilizing a “claw” grip (meaning your knuckles are in front of your fingertips) to prevent cutting yourself.

In addition, there’s some pretty interesting lingo we had no idea about. did you know that while cutting food into 1/4″ cubes is “dicing”, 1/8″ cubes warrant a different name altogether. That is typically referred to as “brunois”.

Phew, we should have gone to culinary school.

Take a look below and get started on some info that’s the next best thing (maybe).

kitchen knife guide infographic

Image via SB Lattin Design

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Are you a knife pro or do you need a knife guide?