Christmas might be over, but you still have to eat! In the video above, How to Win Winter brings five thing to do with leftover stuffing that will keep your Christmas dinner going for several days, but absolutely no one will be bemoaning the fact that you are having leftovers again. These easy and yummy variations of leftovers are great ways to stretch that holiday meal as far as it can go.

First off is egg-n-stuffin muffins made by filling a muffin pan with stuffing and an egg! When baked there is a nice baked egg in a nest of warm stuffing. Next is stuffing mushrooms. Just stuff mushroom caps with stuffing, brush with oil and bake! Unbelievably, a waffled stuffing sandwich looks yummy with turkey and cranberry sauce between two waffled stuffing slices. Up next are stuffing croutons made from stuffing spread out on parchment paper and twice baked for crispy croutons. Lastly,

How to Win Winter makes stuffing patties by combining stuffing, an egg, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots and a little flour. This mixture is shaped into patties and fried. Topped with cranberry sauce, these patties look delicious!

Leftover stuffing has never been as good as these five things to do with leftover stuffing by How to Win Winter.

Will you make any of these leftover stuffing recipes this week?